How to measure your belt size

2. 2. 2021

Length of the belt

Measuring your own belt is the best way to determine your optimum belt size. Lay the belt on a flat surface and measure a distance from the inner edge of the buckle to the third hole on the belt (third hole is measured from the end of the belt). Please look at the picture bellow.
There are usually 6-7 holes on belts and the middle one is usually the best for fastening the belt. This will ensure that the end of the belt would not be too long to dangle on your trousers or too short to be fastened.
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Optimum width of the belt

The most used belts have these widths:
-        3 cm for a suit
-        3.5 cm as a universal size
-        4 cm for jeans

These sizes correspond to an inner width of a buckle. The width of a leather belt is 2 mm smaller. The reason is not to damage belt´s edges by rubbing them against the buckle.

The belt length adjustment

If you do not know the right belt size (for example the belt will be a gift) you can order the belt with its standard length which is approx. 130 cm (length from the the inner side of buckle to the third hole is approx. 115 cm).
The belt can be easily shortened at home. When you receive the belt, it will be complemented with a buckle. You have to disconnect them by unscrewing a connecting screw. After the belt is separated you can cut it by a knife or scissors.
Please cut the end where are no holes.
Length of the belt from the inner edge of the buckle to the third hole should correspond to the length of your waist.
After the belt is shortened please drill a hole with a diameter approx. 4-6 mm. The hole should be approx. 25 mm far from the end of the belt. After that connect the buckle and belt back with a screw.

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