Lifelong service guarantee

19. 1. 2021

After some time the damasteel texture can be worn out, shiny rings can become matte and rings can be scratched.

The damasteel is a special type of stainless steel which consists of many layers of two types of steel: 316L and 304L. This combination creates a unique and unrepeatable texture which comes from etching. This texture can be worn out or scratched during some time. If this happens, the texture can be restored again at any time.

Also scratches on stainless steel and titanium jewellery can be removed so that the jewel would look like the new one.

Various people have different approaches to jewellery. Some of them prefer jewellery without any scratches, for others some scratches on jewellery may be valuable for their patina that gives them a true charm.

For jewellery made of damasteel, stainless steel, titanium and other materials we give a lifelong guarantee for recovery of texture and finish and scratches removing. There are some limitations that are described below.

For specific jewellery there is a lifelong service for free. These jewels are marked with a pictogram.

Free service includes:

-        recovery of texture and finish (please see limitations below)

-        scratches removing

-        ring resizing (in case that the difference in sizes is not too large, see limitations below, for resizing please contact us in advance)


An example of a worn out ring and its restored texture after the service:

worn out ring and ring after the service

Limitation of this service:

Texture and finish:
In case there is a gem or pearl set into damasteel jewellery, these jewels cannot be etched again and their texture cannot be restored. We would have to remove the gem or pearl out of the jewel before etching. This is possible for some types of jewellery. It needs to be discussed individually. It is not included in the free service because it usually brings additional costs.

In case damasteel jewellery are combined of more materials (not only damasteel) and the damasteel part is darkened, the dark texture cannot be restored. We can restore only a light texture.

It is also necessary to take into account that with each renewal of the texture and finish, the jewel is slightly thinner and this operation cannot be made endlessly. Therefore, we emphasize that the word "lifelong" means the life of the jewellery.

Ring size:
Resizing depends on the type of ring and a difference between a real size and required size. Resizing is complicated for rings that have not a circular shape (infinity ring, round square ring, kumali, ….) and rings that are complemented with gems, pearls and gold adornments (for example golden line ring).

We can usually resize the circular ring up to 1-2 czech size (1/4 - 1/2 US size, 1/2 - 1 UK size) by stretching it or by grinding its inside. Some types of rings cannot be stretched (for example golden line, rings with gems, ..) These rings can be resized up only by grinding their inside.

We can usually resize the ring down by approx. 1 czech size (approx. 1/4 US size, 1/2 UK size) by pressing the ring. Sizing down by pressing is difficult, some marks after pressing tool can stay visible on the ring. If the difference in sizes is large and the ring is pressed, the ring can stay a little curved or domed after this adjustment. Please note that some types of rings cannot be pressed (for example golden line, rings with gems, ..).

Please contact us for more information.


Beyond free service other jewellery adjustments are possible. For example we can make the ring narrower, we  can set gems, complemented ring with a gold or we can renew your engraving. Please contact us with your requirements in advance and we will count a price of this service for you.

Costs of shipping are not included in free service. The price is charged according to your choice of shipping method. 

If you wish to restore your jewel please contact us in advance. After we discuss all details please send your jewel to our address together with a cover letter where you describe required adjustments.  Do not forget to put your contacts (email, phone, address) and identification of your original order.
Please contact us for more information.
Lifelong service does not replace the warranty on the goods which is 24 months from the date of purchase.
Jan Král and Kredum Art team

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